British Executions

Thomas Castle

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: coining

Date Of Execution: 15 Oct 1690

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: drawn & quartered

Executioner: unknown


Thomas Castlealias Cassey was Indicted for High Treason, in Counterfeiting and making 50 Pieces of King James I Shillings , in March last: He was taken the 3d of October, and 13 of the false Shillings were found in his House, in Marygold-Alley in the Strand , in the bottom of a Salt-Box, and some Crucibles, for melting, and some Clippings, which were found in a Box-Iron, hanging in the Chimney, and Files and other things, fit for the Trade; all which was fully proved upon him by several Witnesses, The Prisoner denyed it all, and used several Evasions, where by to extenuate the Crime: but upon the whole matter he was found Guilty of High Treason.

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 6.0, 09 October 2011), October 1690, trial of Thomas Castlealias Cassey (t16901015-4).