British Executions

William Harris

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 2 Jan 1894

Crime Location:

Execution Place: unknown

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


January 2nd: William HARRIS
Aka William Haynes. Florence Clifford (17), Harris's girlfriend, lodged with him and his mother at Ashtown. She became upset at his ill treatment and told her mother, who advised her to come home. On 20 September, Florence and her mother went to the lodgings to collect her things. Mrs Clifford waited outside as her daughter entered, and soon after she saw the shadow of a man swinging an axe. She rushed inside and saw Harris leaning over her daughter, and as she entered the room Harris stood up and chased her out into the street. He then disappeared, but later gave himself up. After he had been sentenced to death on 13 December, he turned to the packed courtroom and declared: 'I wish I could have got her mother as well. I would have chopped her into mincemeat and made sausages of her, and then I should have been satisfied.' Hanged by James Billington.