British Executions

Hugh Daley

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 14 Dec 1874

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Durham

Method: hanging

Executioner: William Marwood


On 7th November, Hugh Daley, a married man from Dinton, a small mining village near Durham, returned home drunk and was assisted to bed by his wife and a neighbour. Later that evening Phillip Burdey, a single man, called at the house to see Mrs Daley. A few minutes later Daley woke, rushed downstairs, and chased Burdey out into the street brandishing a poker. Cornering his victim, he rained blows on him with the poker for over two hours until he died. Sentenced to death on 14th December; he was hanged just two weeks later on the 28th by William Marwood in Durham.