British Executions

John Hutchinson

Age: 29

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 29 Mar 1905

Crime Location: 1 Chapmans Yard, Malt Mill Lane, Nottingham

Execution Place: Nottingham

Method: hanging

Executioner: John Billington


John Hutchinson was convicted of the murder of Albert Matthews 5 and sentenced to death.

He cut his throat at Narrow Marsh, Nottingham on 31 January 1905.

John Hutchinson had lodged with Albert Matthews's parents and had promised to put him to bed. However, Albert Matthews's mother later found Albert Matthews dead, his body having been terribly mutilated and dismembered.

He admitted that he had been drinking heavily for about a week before the murder with Albert Matthews's father and that on the day of the murder he had drunk about twenty cans (10 pints) of ale.

He said that when he returned to Albert Matthews's home he went to the WC and then prepared some tea for himself. He said that he then put some coal on the fire and stirred it up and left the poker in the grate. He said that then he went to the cupboard in the corner of the room to get some more coal and whilst in the act of stooping down to do so Albert Matthews pulled the poker out of the fire and threw it at him. He said that he lost his temper and in a fit of passion he gave Albert Matthews a back handed blow, striking him on the throat with the edge of his hand.

He said that Albert Matthews then fell back against the sofa, turned purple in the face, and was apparently unconscious. He said that he then attempted to perform artificial respiration but with no effect and was then convinced that Albert Matthews was dead.

He said that then he laid Albert Matthews down on the floor and took the knife from the table and cut off his head. He said that he had no further recollection of mutilating his body or of endeavouring to remove blood from the knife or his own clothes.

The medical inquiry stated that John Hutchinson had been on good terms with Albert Matthews and his parents and that they were of the opinion that he had told the truth and that he had had no intention of killing Albert Matthews and that if he had not been in drink he would not have struck him with such violence.

The report stated that with regards to the question of mutilation, that it had been an attempt by John Hutchinson to dispose of the body, but that they were unable to get confirmation from John Hutchinson about that.

Malt Mill Lane was approximately where Nottingham College is today, parallel to the east of the railway line.

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