British Executions

Samuel Holden

Age: 43

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 16 Aug 1904

Crime Location: 2 Back 109 Coventry Street, Birmingham

Execution Place: Birmingham

Method: hanging

Executioner: William Billington


Samuel Holden was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend Susan Humphries and sentenced to death.

He stabbed her to death at 2 Back 109 Coventry Street, Birmingham on 2 July 1904.

They had been living together having just moved into 2 Back 109 Coventry Street on 30 June, taking a room there.

He was seen by neighbours attacking her with a knife and after ran out into the street crying 'Fetch a doctor. I have done her in'.

A woman that had known Susan Humphries under the name of Annie Humphries for 5-6 years said that 4-5 months earlier when she was living at 2 Court, 4 House, Coventry Street Samuel Holden and Susan Humphries had both lived with her. She said she had seen them quarrel and had seen Samuel Holden strike Susan Humphries but not violently. She said that on one occasion Samuel Holden told Susan Humphries that he would do for her the same as Dyer did saying that he was referring to a man named Dyer who had murdered a woman in Inge Street.

After Samuel Holden and Susan Humphries moved into 2 Back 109 Coventry Street they had a quarrel. a woman who lived below them said that on the 2 July, 1904, a Saturday, in the afternoon she could hear them having words and said that shortly after Susan Humphries came down into the kitchen and said 'He's on again, he's stabbed me in the chin'. the woman said that she saw a slight mark that was bleeding slightly. She said that she said to Susan Humphries 'Don't go upstairs again till his temper has cooled, let him go to sleep'. however, Susan Humphries said 'I will go up' and she went upstairs.

The woman said that she scarcely heard any words after that but that 20 minutes later she said that Samuel Holden came downstairs and said 'Fetch a doctor. I have done her in'. she said that Samuel Holden then went out of the house and she went up to see Susan Humphries who was lying on her face on the floor nearly under the table with her feet opposite the window. she said that there was blood on the floor and that Susan Humphries was unconscious and did not answer her at all. She said she then went to get a doctor.

She said that at the time the only people in the house were herself and her baby downstairs and Samuel Holden and Susan Humphries upstairs.

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