British Executions

Thomas Gunning

Age: 48

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 26 Jul 1904

Crime Location: 42 Green Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow

Execution Place: Duke Street, Glasgow

Method: hanging

Executioner: William Billington


Thomas Gunning was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend Agnes Allen and sentenced to death.

He battered her to death at 42 Green Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow on 23 April 1904.

On the day Thomas Gunning came home with a friend from work and they drank a lot. Later Agnes Allen went to bed about 10pm but 30 minutes later Thomas Gunning went to her and asked her to get him some soup. She told him that she was not able to rise and so Thomas Gunning pulled her out of bed by her hair and kicked her on her head. He beat her with his fists, kicked her on the face, head and body and fractured several bones on her face as well as several of her ribs.

Other people living in the same house were later woken up by the sound of Thomas Gunning crying out between 1-2am and when they went to investigate they found Agnes Allen lying on the floor in her room with her head streaming with blood. They also saw Thomas Gunning standing there with his shirt sleeve rolled up and his arm covered in blood.

Thomas Gunning was executed at Glasgow on Tuesday 26 July 1904 by William Billington. He was said to have submitted to the pinioning quietly.

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