British Executions

Cross Duckworth


Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 3 Jan 1893

Crime Location: Witton Park, Blackburn

Execution Place:

Method: hanging

Executioner: unknown


Murder of Alice Barnes, a child; Walton

On 8th  November 1892, the body of Alice Barnes was found suffocated at Witton Park, Blackburn. From the position of her clothing, it looked as if she had been the victim of a sexual attack, although police could not be certain whether any assault had taken place. They had an immediate suspect in Cross Duckworth and he reinforced their suspicions by greeting them with the question 'Have you come to see me about the murder?' A search of his house uncovered a pair of muddy boots that matched prints found at the scene and also a handkerchief similar to the one used to gag the victim. His alibi for the time of the murder was weak and he was charged. Thirty two year old Duckworth was convicted at Liverpool Assizes on 12th December and the jury took less than an hour to find him guilty. He was hanged by James Billington in Liverpool on the 3rd January 1893.

see Blackburn Standard - Saturday 19 November 1892 (includes sketch of Cross Duckworth)

see National Archives - ASSI 52/12