British Executions

Silas Barlow

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 19 Dec 1876

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Horsemonger-lane

Method: hanging

Executioner: William Marwood


Murder of ELLEN SOPER, paramour;

Barlow was  found guilty of the double murder of his former sweet- heart Ellen Soper who was twenty seven, and their young child, at Battersea on 11th September. They had lived together until she had left him and moved to lodgings. He visited her twice at her new address and each time she felt sick after he left. Eventually she died, and the next day he took custody of the child saying that his cousin would look after it, but it was later found floating in a Battersea reservoir. The body was identified and, when examined, found to have been poisoned with strychnine. Barlow was arrested and charged with murder after a search of his home produced bottles of the poison. The contents of Miss Soper's stomach were then analysed and also found to contain poison. Barlow denied killing the woman but later admitted that he had killed the child. The sentence of death was carried out by William Marwood in Horsemonger Lane on the 19th December 1876.