British Executions

Peter Blanchard

Age: 26

Sex: male

Crime: unknown

Date Of Execution: 9 Aug 1875

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Lincolnshire

Method: unknown

Executioner: William Marwood



Peter Blanchard, a Lincolnshire tanner, had been trying in vain to court Louisa Hodgson a girl of twenty two, but she wouldn't go out with him, partly because he wasn't liked by her parents, and also because she had recently began seeing another man in the town. On 7th March, Louisa and her new boyfriend were walking home from church when they came across Blanchard. He walked down the street with them until he reached his front door, where he pulled out a knife and stabbed Hodgson through her heart. He was immediately detained and admitted he had committed the crime through jealousy. He was hanged by William  Marwood on the 9th August 1875 in Lincoln. He was twenty six when he died.