British Executions

Robert Taylor

Age: 21

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 29 Dec 1874

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Stafford

Method: hanging

Executioner: Williiam Marwood


On 23 November, fifty seven year old Mrs Mary Kidd  and eight year old Sarah Hollis, were returning from the market at Yoxall, near Burton. On approaching Coppice Wood, near Hoar Cross, they spotted Taylor, a Wigan born miner, sitting on a gate. Mrs Kidd asked Taylor if he was going to sleep, to which he answered 'No.' 'Why don't you go home then,' she replied, with Taylor answering that he had no home to go to. Mrs Kidd and the girl walked on and soon they were followed by Taylor who asked for half-a-crown. She told him she didn't have that much money and gave him tuppence. Angered at the small amount, he told her he would cut her throat, then took out his knife and chose to stab her in the neck instead. A passing cart caused him to flee but he was later picked out by Sarah Hollis in an identity parade. Taylor was tried at Staffordshire Assizes and admitted his guilt under questioning. He showed no fear in the condemned cell and ate a massive last breakfast which included over a pound of meat. He ate his meal with a wooden spoon and scratched upon it a drawing of a man hanging on a gallows. He was hanged by Williiam Marwood at Stafford on the 29th December 1874 aged just twenty one.