British Executions

John Hayes

Age: 29

Sex: male

Crime: murder

Date Of Execution: 13 Jan 1873

Crime Location:

Execution Place: Durham

Method: unknown

Executioner: unknown


January 13th: John HAYES (29)
Hugh SLANE (22) Durham
On the evening of 26 November, Slane went into a Spennymoor tobacconist shop run by Joseph Waine (33) and began to quarrel with a customer called Wilson. Slane accused Wilson of causing a disturbance in a public house. Wilson replied that he was mistaken because he hadn't been in the pub and was certainly no troublemaker. Slane insisted that he was the man, and eventually Waine had to intervene saying there must have been a mistake and asked him to leave. Slane asked the tobacconist for a box of matches which. after purchasing, he threw into Waine's face before dragging him into the street. He whistled for his friends who were waiting around the corner and
together they kicked him to death on the pavement as Waine's wife watched helplessly. Four men stood trial for the murder and all were sentenced to death. Terence Rice (19) and George Beesly (27) were granted a reprieve on 5 January. Slane and Hayes were hanged by Calcraft.